Monday, November 29, 2010

"Mark Walsh, FOX Freelancer," Is Just A Role Performed By Mark Humphrey, Actor

The comparison image is taken from the third installment of the Mark Humphrey demo reel.

Curiously, the character played by Mark Humphrey @ 0:34 in the CSI: Miami episode ["Gone Baby Gone"] is named "Stuart Walsh."

It may be noteworthy that the producer of that episode, Marco Black, is the son of director Noel Black, who "first gained widespread recognition for a highly regarded movie in the film noir genre, Pretty Poison (1968), which starred Anthony Perkins," whose wife, Berry Berenson, is alleged to have died aboard American Airlines Flight 11.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Full 911 Harley Shirt Guy Scene - Actor Mark Humphrey Is "FOX Freelancer" "Mark Walsh"

The half-wit and/or faux truther [nanothermite, "pull it", pushing key aspects of the official story while denying officialdom...the usual cognitively dissonant stance] who uploaded the full video to YouTube on Nov. 23, Gideon52480, is either a shill cohort attempting to herd public opinion or is another of the bunny-brained censoring explanations he's unable to grasp. Likely the former.

These retorts of mine to notorious stalker-shill Scott Vincent aka genghis6l99 aka superfuzz, et al, were short-lived indeed. These ridiculous zipperheads now hold that, since the character is being called Mark Walsh, FOX freelancer (lol), he simply cannot be only a role performed by Mark Humphrey, actor!

So Gideon52480 sits on the delete button and ready to block the true identification of the actor playing the role. Meanwhile, he gives the slandering shill guppies free reign.

Refresh the page, it's gone, I'm blocked. I try again.

Gone immediately. He then posts his warning:

Now this is telling...

Let's understand this. Gideon52480 will never trust those lying shill bastards of the FOX propaganda machine...except when the lying FOX bastards identify the most outlandish and obviously scripted shill of the September 11th operation as Mark Walsh, "FOX freelancer."

And he will not stand for speculation which would indicate otherwise - specifically that the Harley Guy is Mark Adrian Humphrey, actor. Since that particular information would reveal the entire charade. Hmmm...

And so, I upload a copy of the video, where, shortly, stalker-pervert Genghis aka superfuzz expresses concern for both the contortion he calls Truth as well as for the future wonderfulness of my own life's quality. So touching. The shills are constantly suggesting I "just stop" revealing them so that I can enjoy life - I have all the screencaps and I suppose I should upload them to demonstrate that constant tactic of desperation.

Good times kicking around the teeming rat chimp hordes. However, it's worth notice at this time that a major component of the shill game is to create the illusion of support where none exists, through literally thousands of fake accounts. I'll be laying this out in future posts but, for now, consider these numberes, taken from the Gideon52480 video upload on Nov. 26, 8:00 p.m.

You might expect that of nearly 3380 supposed viewers more than 19 (one of them being myself) would flip a thumb, and you'd be right. Phony numbers. What other people think means everything to the shills and they assume that's true for real and self-reliant individuals as well. It's one of their greatest weaknesses.

Lastly, Darren McNulty is reviving his old (and stale) tricks yet again: The goofy congratulatory sock puppet exchanges with himself.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

WTC "Victim" Franklin Allan Pershep is Gerry Mendicino, actor


Gerry Mendicino as Benny Begin in Lucky Number Slevin. His single line, delivered during the credits, is "So...why are you here?" and then he is slaughtered.

"Gerry Mendicino attributes his career success to his versatility of characters in a variety of venues in the entertainment industry. Gerry was born in North Bay Ontario Canada, graduated from Windsor University's Drama School and began his career on 'King of Kensington'..."
And Mark Humphrey is the 911 Harley Shirt Guy

Gerry Mendicino demo reel

Mendicino is the janitor in Saw VI, Hank, who appears briefly beginning at 11:11 and is slaughtered soon after.
The line below is: "Looking good Hank."

And the only line Gerry Mendicino aka Hank/Frank delivers is "Who the hell is that guy?!!"
It seems actor Gerry Mendicino is commonly assigned roles in which he suffers an early and violent demise.

Mayday aka Air Emergency..... Gerry Mendicino as Captain El Habashi

"What’s happening, Gamil? What’s happening?

What is this? What is this? Did you shut the engines?
Pull. Pull with me. Pull with me. Pull with me."

-Captain Ahmed Mahmoud El Habashy, EgyptAir flight 990, last words, on returning to the cockpit, source NTSB, 13:50 EST 31 October 1999.

*For those interested here is some information* about Frank Pershep's alleged daughter.
[*update: sigh...the images have once again been deleted]

Once again the shill idiots Scott Vincent aka Genghis6199, "Jenny Sparks" (the laughable lowbrow KSA stalkers) and/or Darren McNulty aka Weezula (who recently deleted his YouTube channel) have tried to get rid of the information by having the anchoring photobucket account deleted through their full-time complaining and flagging, exactly as they do with the video comparisons. Of course, this just confirms, yet again, the correctness of the identification. All images and links are still available and so I will be uploading the Pershep thread right here over the next few days.

Actor Gerry Mendicino is WTC "victim" Frank Pershep!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mystery of the Disappearing Topic
(and now entire forum):

, actor

What is one to make of 'Pee Wee Goes to Prison' with actor Mark Humphrey doing voice work for some of the characters?

Pee Wee Goes to Prison is a video by John Humphrey who is Mark's brother and the administrator of

John Humphrey is the individual responsible for indicating on that website his affiliation with and approval of recently surfaced entity 'act1' - with an IP address originating out of Manitoba (where Mark's producer father John aka Jack's family is rooted) - and who represents himself as Mark Humphrey and through which was delivered a contrived alibi at the shill forum PumpItOut. This bit of theater was orchestrated by Humphrey associate Darren McNulty, a relative of actor Kevin McNulty who is a longtime friend and co-worker of Mark Humphrey.

The bottom line on this farce is that even if Mark Humphrey writes as act1 (rather than being mimicked by webmaster brother John or family associate Darren McNulty aka YouTuber 'weezula') it would merely demonstrate that Mark Humphrey is Mark Humphrey and in no way does anything to disprove that Mark Humphrey performed the role of the phony 9/11 witness known as the Harley Guy.

The accused merely denies the allegation as criminals nearly always do.

Other voices are performed by Wendel Meldrum, Mark Humphrey's ex-wife, who also (along with their son Luke) appeared with him in the movie Cruel But Necessary. But as the old adage cautions: "The family that does steamy sex scenes together is fucked."

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mark Adrian Humphrey, actor, is the Harley Shirt Guy

Since soon after September 11, 2001, many people began wondering about the identity and suspected the credibility of the seemingly all-knowing witness in the black Harley shirt who, it is commonly acknowledged, is a planted shill mouthing a script.

"...come out of nowhere and just ream right into the side of the twin tower, exploding through the other side...and then I
witnessed both towers collapse, one first then the second. Mostly due to structural failure because the fire was just too intense."

Mark Adrian Humphrey successfully claimed copyright infringement on the FOX news footage in which he denies playing any role! How is that possible? Why would he now want this clip to vanish?

"I'm the one that came up with the plan to go undercover as a phony witness so that I could get rid of the real witnesses."

There is presently a very active operation* [see here and here] intent on misdirecting and attempting to obscure the identification of the Harley Guy.

C-list actor Mark Adrian Humphrey was serendipitously ID'ed on December 28, 2008 during an investigation into the background of the questionable person of Ace Baker and his affiliates by myself and more particularly due to the heroic and laudable efforts of 'Fred' aka BSregistration of 911 Octopus fame. Within days shills were suddenly activated, countering this important revelation by proposing instead newsman Bob Woodruff, Rob Riggle...even dragging Jimmy Fallon into the mix. Which, if it wasn't so pathetic, so criminal, might be laughable.

The comparison images have been relentlessly deleted at the source, the youtube videos censored, whole threads disappeared at by the InvisionsFree management and ongoing slander campaigns initiated. The perps are definitely becoming desperate and running scared. It's certain that this happenstance recognition was never anticipated.

The fake Harley Guy witness is, I assert, actor Mark Humphrey.

Humphrey has
updated his original demo reel, removing the portion from which the first comparison stills were taken. Harley's profile in the original comparison is somewhat distorted by the two unfortunate light points washing into it. But most people can figure that out.

[*For key background information see: Who's Behind The 'KSA' Stalker Blog? Genghis & Col Jenny Sparks, that's who]

The original demo reel:

The updated demo reel:

*The new image comparison uses stills excerpted from the episode of She Spies

Iris Concealment?

As Simon Shack has shown, nothing unusual for 911 actors

Here we also see Harley morphing into a figure reminiscent of a certain familiar pointy-eared devil known for being logical.

Also notice the hand...

Or perhaps he better resembles that dubious character of myth so infamous for his damnable deceptions?

Sporting at various moments a long, sharp, pixel-smeared nose or with it squashed flat against his face...only those elven ears are relatively constant throughout the first portion of the scene.

Why does the brim of his hat retains its integrity while his face is a gelatin storm below?
How is it that FOX's Rick Leventhal remains unaffected by such distortions?

Or does he?

Are they even originally present together sharing the same video moment? Does the lighting seem discrepant? Does the background cohere?

Is this whole mess just a green screened collage? Just a digital construct?
So is it even "real time"?

Iron Eagle 2: A study in Mark Humphrey's eyebrows and simulated explosions

Don't get it twisted fucker...this shit is fake.

And that's actor Roger R Cross taking up the rear who exchanged his life-long dream of being a pilot, once achieved, for potentially greater heights launched from the occulted springboard of the movie stuntman.

[Just like director Chuck Bowman and psyop songbird Dennis Madalone did, as shall be seen.]

Above, Cross shares a scene with Mark Humphrey from the original Mark Humphrey demo reel @ 3:48

"We're still investigating that possibility..."
- Roger Cross as the U.S. President in Polar Storm [2009]

* Here's the node connecting Mark Humphrey with Ace Baker, Scientology, Elie Samaha's Phoenician Entertainment subsidiary Franchise Pictures, and the charges which the FBI brought against that company for defrauding investors of over $75 million in a single count.

Hereafter to be known as the 'Franchise Film Flop Fraud' (FFFF)

"Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have pulled out of the planned production of Monkeyface, a decision that has doomed the project,'s Roger Friedman reported Tuesday...Friedman quoted director Stephen Frears as saying that the project simply "fell apart" last Friday. He suggested that the collapse may have been triggered by producer Elie Samaha's 'mysterious ways of financing a film.' Samaha, head of Franchise Pictures, is a nightclub owner who uses unconventional methods -- principally personal connections -- to finance films, which include the Bruce Willis hit The Whole Nine Yards and the John Travolta flop Battlefield Earth."

"Intertainment's story is simple, said its attorney Scott Edelman. Intertainment chief Barry Baeres was "ripped off" by Franchise's Elie Samaha, 'a wily street-smart salesman from the world of dry cleaners, celebrities and clubs.'"

Prosecutors play Pellicano wiretaps
"...The government kicked off Wednesday's sesh in its wiretapping trial against the P.I. by playing an extended conversation between Lisa Gores and her former brother-in-law Tom after an aborted assignation at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

...During one call played early in the day, for example, Pellicano ranted to Giuseppe Corsaro, the owner of Giuseppe Franco salon in BevHills, about sworn declarations by two of his stylists that were causing problems in his case against late producer Aaron Russo ["drive him off the road and bury his body in the desert"

'I was told a long time ago I should protect you and look out for you," Pellicano said, adding, "I respect you as a member of the Family.'

And during a recording with producer Andrew Stevens played at the end of the day, Pellicano turned on full smarm, pressing Stevens about a VIP card to a club he owned with Elie Samaha in between trash talking Intertainment execs he had wiretapped to aid Stevens' aborted defamation suit against Intertainment USA prexy Stephen Brown.

'Is this guy a player? Is Stephen Brown someone we should pay attention to?' he quizzed before digressing to discuss his VIP request.

Being on the list at the door simply wasn't good enough for the P.I., and Stevens, a self-described hothead, apologized if he had offended the private eye. This prompted Pellicano to affirm his loyalty, something he tended to do often, based on the recorded calls.

'I'm Sicilian,' Pellicano said. 'If you're with me, you're with me. I'm going to take care of you.'"

Andrew Stevens is the only child of actress Stella Stevens. His longest tenure as a film executive was as President/CEO of Franchise Pictures, which produced films for Warner Bros. from 1997 through 2002.

Mark Humphrey is the child of the late Jack Humphrey [born John R. Humphrey in St. Boniface, Manitoba], a producer of the long-running Canadian television series The King of Kensington and later Silver Spoons and The Facts of Life.

Director John Putch, son of actress
Jean Stapleton.

Director Rob Bowman, son of director Chuck Bowman.

Operation Snow White
was the Church of Scientology's name for a project during the 1970s to purge unfavorable records about Scientology and its founder L. Ron Hubbard. This project included a series of infiltrations and thefts from 136 government agencies, foreign embassies and consulates, as well as private organizations critical of Scientology, carried out by Church members, in more than 30 countries; the single largest infiltration of the United States government in history...Under this program, Scientology operatives committed infiltration, wiretapping, and theft of documents in government offices, most notably those of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

Let's pick up the shill thread...

Meet Weezula aka Darren McNulty of Barrie, Ontario who is manifestly acting as Mark Humphrey's representative.

Weezula clarifies:

Here's Weezula (while denying any affiliation) defending Scientology in 2007 using a Scientology front site for reference and specifically selecting one particular professor, a public opponent of Scientology, for condemnation. The exchange was apparently initiated with the hope of associating the professor, who taught at Carnegie Mellon, with Weezula' thread antagonist, who was a student there. Such is the logic of the Scientologist.

Weezula Shocker!

Curiously, weezula aka Darren McNulty initially offered up Bryan's brother when he commented during the the first days up of the first ever video exposing Mark Humphrey as the Harley Shirt Guy.

Indeed. Small world.
One wonders at the source of Darren's sudden insight.

*Both Mark W. Hindle and Karl Pruner worked on the Canadian series E.N.G which was
Mark Humphrey's breakout role [playing Jake the cameraman] and directed by Art Hindle.

Offspring - an Art Hindle production starring Art Hindle as George

This is Darren with his wife, Amanda Stevens McNulty, who seems like a very nice woman...but who clearly is handicapped by the blind spot in her judgment of men. It's like that Mark Humphrey movie: Living with the Enemy

"I have my own thing that I like to do on computers...My circle is full of relatives."


And I've always wondered, especially because it's in the public domain and not copyrighted, who is this character Weezula and what exactly is his relationship with Mark Humphrey?

And while I would never make any accusations, I can't help but wondering about Weezula aka Darren McNulty's familial relationship to actor Kevin McNulty of the infamous Lone Gunmen "9-11 prediction" X-Files spinoff...

I would be very surprised to find out that the same group of actors, scriptwriters, and directors that worked with Ace Baker were also involved in the production of this infamous video...

And I would be downright shocked if I found out that not only was the director involved with Ace Baker but that he also produced a notorious psyop "music video" with the very same crew and featuring some of the same fake-firemen/actors from the Naudet psyop!

And I'd even be more shocked if I learned that the McNulty gang were tied by marriage to the Aspen Institute and a bogus scholarship grant set up for some phony 9-11 victims (along with Dick Cheney and Henry Kissinger).

And it would be EVEN MORE SURPRISING to me to learn about Goldman Sachs senior management ties to that same aggrieved widow and discover that she is related by marriage to the above character was funding filmmakers to make OCT movies about 9-11.

But then again, these days nothing surprises me, Darren., er.. I mean "Tex."

Let me ask you, do you like where this is going?

Because it gets better! Could it turn out that the direct financial beneficiaries of the 9-11 attacks are also behind KSA Scott Vincent, Ace Baker, the fake "truth movement", and various financial scams related to the fake 9-11 victims?

Would it be surprising if the same group has been convicted in US courts and already fined $75 million for a fraud linked to Scientology and that some of the principals are living in Israel to avoid extradition to the USA?



Some background on Ace and doppelganger looping

Ken Stacey cover

With Kevin McNulty [1995]

Kevin McNulty appearances on 21 Jump Street (with Peter DeLuise)

Feast of San Gennaro

Dom Deluise and family at Jimmy Kimmel's Feast of San Gennaro, L.A.

Dom Deluise on a Hellbound Plane

John P McNulty Award Ceremony

Laughing leadership leader John Mcnulty's tributes fashioned like
Vicsim Script

Kevin McNulty is the sherrif in The Uninvited (2009)

Chuck Madalone
and 'Wild Bill' Mock worked together on The Secret Agent Club just after they did Direct Hit together with Chuck's son (and 9/11 psyop songbird) Dennis Madalone