Friday, November 26, 2010

Full 911 Harley Shirt Guy Scene - Actor Mark Humphrey Is "FOX Freelancer" "Mark Walsh"

The half-wit and/or faux truther [nanothermite, "pull it", pushing key aspects of the official story while denying officialdom...the usual cognitively dissonant stance] who uploaded the full video to YouTube on Nov. 23, Gideon52480, is either a shill cohort attempting to herd public opinion or is another of the bunny-brained censoring explanations he's unable to grasp. Likely the former.

These retorts of mine to notorious stalker-shill Scott Vincent aka genghis6l99 aka superfuzz, et al, were short-lived indeed. These ridiculous zipperheads now hold that, since the character is being called Mark Walsh, FOX freelancer (lol), he simply cannot be only a role performed by Mark Humphrey, actor!

So Gideon52480 sits on the delete button and ready to block the true identification of the actor playing the role. Meanwhile, he gives the slandering shill guppies free reign.

Refresh the page, it's gone, I'm blocked. I try again.

Gone immediately. He then posts his warning:

Now this is telling...

Let's understand this. Gideon52480 will never trust those lying shill bastards of the FOX propaganda machine...except when the lying FOX bastards identify the most outlandish and obviously scripted shill of the September 11th operation as Mark Walsh, "FOX freelancer."

And he will not stand for speculation which would indicate otherwise - specifically that the Harley Guy is Mark Adrian Humphrey, actor. Since that particular information would reveal the entire charade. Hmmm...

And so, I upload a copy of the video, where, shortly, stalker-pervert Genghis aka superfuzz expresses concern for both the contortion he calls Truth as well as for the future wonderfulness of my own life's quality. So touching. The shills are constantly suggesting I "just stop" revealing them so that I can enjoy life - I have all the screencaps and I suppose I should upload them to demonstrate that constant tactic of desperation.

Good times kicking around the teeming rat chimp hordes. However, it's worth notice at this time that a major component of the shill game is to create the illusion of support where none exists, through literally thousands of fake accounts. I'll be laying this out in future posts but, for now, consider these numberes, taken from the Gideon52480 video upload on Nov. 26, 8:00 p.m.

You might expect that of nearly 3380 supposed viewers more than 19 (one of them being myself) would flip a thumb, and you'd be right. Phony numbers. What other people think means everything to the shills and they assume that's true for real and self-reliant individuals as well. It's one of their greatest weaknesses.

Lastly, Darren McNulty is reviving his old (and stale) tricks yet again: The goofy congratulatory sock puppet exchanges with himself.

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