Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mystery of the Disappearing Topic
(and now entire forum):

, actor

What is one to make of 'Pee Wee Goes to Prison' with actor Mark Humphrey doing voice work for some of the characters?

Pee Wee Goes to Prison is a video by John Humphrey who is Mark's brother and the administrator of markhumphrey.com.

John Humphrey is the individual responsible for indicating on that website his affiliation with and approval of recently surfaced entity 'act1' - with an IP address originating out of Manitoba (where Mark's producer father John aka Jack's family is rooted) - and who represents himself as Mark Humphrey and through which was delivered a contrived alibi at the shill forum PumpItOut. This bit of theater was orchestrated by Humphrey associate Darren McNulty, a relative of actor Kevin McNulty who is a longtime friend and co-worker of Mark Humphrey.

The bottom line on this farce is that even if Mark Humphrey writes as act1 (rather than being mimicked by webmaster brother John or family associate Darren McNulty aka YouTuber 'weezula') it would merely demonstrate that Mark Humphrey is Mark Humphrey and in no way does anything to disprove that Mark Humphrey performed the role of the phony 9/11 witness known as the Harley Guy.

The accused merely denies the allegation as criminals nearly always do.

Other voices are performed by Wendel Meldrum, Mark Humphrey's ex-wife, who also (along with their son Luke) appeared with him in the movie Cruel But Necessary. But as the old adage cautions: "The family that does steamy sex scenes together is fucked."

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